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Support our young musicians with an advertisement in the official Get JazzED High School Festival program! All funds received support this education program and creation of future Get JazzED events.

BUSINESS ADS: Program size is 5.5″x8.5″. Ads should be black/white and print ready. Artwork should be high resolution (300 dpi) and in pdf, tiff or jpg format at 100% size. Sizes and prices are:
– Interior full page – 8″ x 5″ | $90
– Interior half page – 5″ x 4″ | $60
– Interior quarter page/Horizontal – 5″ x 2″ | $40

BUSINESS ADS: Provide a name, address, email and phone contact for your company.

Mail copy:       Berks Arts Council, GJ Expo Day, PO Box 854, Reading PA 19603-0854
Fax copy:         610-898-1932 (Berks Arts Council)
Email copy:     info@GetJazzEDBerks.com

PAYMENT:  Checks are payable to Berks Arts Council and mailed to Berks Arts Council, GJ Festival, PO Box 854, Reading PA 19603-0854.

DEADLINE FOR EVERYTHING:  3:00 pm, Friday, March 2, 2018

QUESTIONS:  Contact Millie Eben, 610-334-4635, info@GetJazzEDBerks.com or call Berks Arts Council at 610-898-1930.